The Depths(RH Retro)
Co-produced by the Tokyo University of the Arts and the Korean Academy of Film Arts, Hamaguchi's first attempt at a thriller remains a delicate affair. A famous Korean photographer goes to Japan to attend a friend's wedding and meets a young male sex worker who has run away from the scene of a murder on the road. An inexplicable attraction towards the young man drives the photographer’s obsession to capture his charisma on camera. The title of the film doesn’t only refer to the depth of field in photography – that is, the distance between the viewer and the scene – but also to the abyss in which one tries to suppress the desires of the heart.
Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Kim Min-jun, Hoshi Ishida, Park So-hee
Release Date
Japanese, Korean(In Parts), English(In Parts)
Run Time
121 minutes
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