The Furious Buddha's Palm(FW-FIF-LKL)
Out of Lung Kim-fei (Tso Tat-wah)’s nine “Furious Buddha's Palm” moves, the most powerful and well-known is surely the very last—“Ten Thousand Buddhas Paying Court”. However, Lung promises to never use it again in his life. When his bitter foe Iron-faced Asura (Sek Kin) uses his own Heavenly Crippled-leg move in a killing spree, Lung has to reconsider his oath. Will his most powerful move defeat the Heavenly Crippled-leg? Perhaps heroes also feel vulnerable and inner struggle in times of life and death…

*Please notice that the image and sound quality of the original 35mm print is short of ideal.
Ling Yun
Release Date
Run Time
103 minutes
16 Dec
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