The Lady Terrorist(EUFF 2020)
Many a film revolves around a lady getting a gun: and Radek Bajgar's black comedy instills a new twist when the gunslinger is a retired teacher who picks up a rifle to get some real peace. Marie just wants to enjoy some well-deserved rest at her rural home. Made to feel like an idiot when she protests against the malicious antics of the local pub owner – the last straw being his insistence in turn up the music at his drinking den – Marie wields her gun to make things rights again. But she soon realizes that murder is complicated not only morally, but also practically...
Radek Bajgar
Iva Janžurová, Martin Hofmann, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Pavel Liška, Eva Holubová, Jana Plodková, Kristína Svarinská, Sára Affašová, Eva Leinweberová, Anita Krausová
Release Date
Run Time
94 minutes
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