The Marginal(13th Freshwave)
Director: Nora LAM Tze-wing, HO Ying-kuen, Colin O’TOOLE, Jan-Eric MACK

No one is in a place to condescend or pity someone else. Our world has no use for slogans of tolerance or empathy, but equality and respect. In this Programme, “Call Girl And The Pimps”, “Spawning Migration”, “Cowboy Dave” and “Facing Mecca” will be screened.

Movie Name: Call Girl And The Pimps

Language: Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)

Category: IIB

Duration: 29 mins

Movie Name: Spawning Migration

Language: Mandarin, Cantonese(In Parts)(Chinese, English Subtitles)

Category: IIB

Duration: 15 mins

Movie Name: Cowboy Dave

Language: English(Chinese, English Subtitles)

Category: IIB

Duration: 25 mins

Movie Name: Facing Mecca

Language: Swiss German, English(In Parts), Arabic(In Parts)(Chinese, English Subtitles)


Duration: 27 mins
Release Date
Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Swiss-German, Arabic
Run Time
96 minutes
22 Jun
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