The Mummy, Aged 19(WY Retro)
The rebellious Bobo has always hated his name and the family that bestowed that name to him. To save enough money to leave home, Bobo and his friend Nam start working as security guards at a mysterious mansion. While Bobo is showing the two mummies housed in the mansion’s basement to his crush Priscilla, Nam pulls a prank that causes Bobo to become possessed by the soul of a mummy. In the name of “love”, a pastor, Nam, Priscilla, Bobo and Bobo’s family join forces for an absurd attempt at exorcism.

Wilson Yip has always shown a fascination for the supernatural. While his 2001 actioner 2002 took a page from Hollywood action films, The Mummy, Aged 19 shows the comedic side of that fascination. Using humour to explore intergenerational gap and familial love, the film recalls the “last supper” scene of Bio Zombie. Screenwriter Derek Kwok and Yip’s young cast inject youthful energy into the proceedings. When the family dreams of playing together at a theme park while facing certain danger, the scene injects the film with unexpected warmth and childlike innocence.

Presented on 35mm film.
Wilson Yip Wai Shun
Chui Tien You, Wong You Nam, Tiffany Lee
Release Date
Run Time
94 minutes
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