The Scorpion King(FW-FIF-LKL)
Yuk Su (Chin Kar Lok) studies in Hong Kong, but he is a lot more passionate about the world of comic books and martial arts. After Yuk Su rescues a young girl Jade (May Lo) from a prostitution racket, he angers Inspector Hua. Yuk Su and his father are rescued by body trainer and coach Jean Pol (Frankie Chi-Leung Chan) who advocates western-style muscle training, considering it superior to martial arts. Yuk Su encounters Master Yat (Lau Kar Leung, owner of a food stall, who points out the drawbacks in western-style training and the agility and superiority of Chinese martial arts. Yuk Su therefore devotes himself to learn the Chinese kung fu from Master Yat—the wok-cleaning technique.
David Lai
Release Date
Run Time
104 minutes
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