The Scoundrels(HKAFF 2018)
Opening Film, Kaohsiung Film Festival

Busan International Film Festival

Assembling some of Taiwan’s brightest talents in front of and behind the camera, Hung Tzu-hsuan’s kinetic debut feature delivers jolting crime action with video game-inspired cinematography and fast cutting. After falling from grace, basketball player Rui resorts to working for a car theft gang to make money. One night while trying to help an injured woman, he gets abducted by crafty bank robber Biao. The police, however, see Rui as an accomplice. Forced to go on the run, Rui develops an unexpected camaraderie with the similarly cornered Biao, and the two decide to pull a big job together.
Hung Tzu-Hsuan
Release Date
Mandarin, Cantonese(In Parts)
Run Time
105 minutes
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