The Vice of Hope(EUFF 2021)
Women are the heroes, villains and victims in this social drama about poverty, African immigration, human trafficking and the surrogacy business in Naples. Maria works for a baby trafficking ring, and when she faces a crisis of conscience she takes refuge amongst a community of African women before finding a link to her past, and her future. A twist of fate comes knocking, and Maria is delivered a fragile miracle that will force the hand of change in her life. Following on the success of Edoardo de Angelis’s highly distinctive Indivisible in 2016, The Vice of Hope has won six David di Donatello Awards.
Edoardo De Angelis
Pina Turco, Massimiliano Rossi, Marina Confalone, Cristina Donadio, Marcello Romolo
Release Date
Run Time
97 minutes
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