The Workers Cup(The 8th Human Rights Documentary Film Festival)
The 6 protagonists in the film come from Ghana, Kenya, India and Nepal, and they have two things in common: their identity as migrant workers, and their passion for football. The Qatar government has imported 1.6 million foreign workers for the construction of the venue in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. These migrant workers from Southeast Asia and Africa settled in a camp at the edge of the desert, far away from the city. Although they work and live together, each remained lonely due to the long working hours and language barriers. In order to promote the event at a low cost, organisers of the FIFA World Cup along with 24 building companies came up with the idea of “Workers Cup”, allowing these migrant workers to play football in the venue which they are constructing. In this scheme, the site of exploitation was transformed into a place of sport and bonding. The world, like the football, is round. Everyone and everything are connected—The Workers Cup reflects this increasing trend of globalisation.

*Discussion after screening on 30/9
Release Date
English, Nepali(In Parts), Malayalam(In Parts), Hindi(In Parts), Arabic(In Parts), Others(In Parts)
Run Time
92 minutes
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