Trans Shorts(HKLGFF 2017)
1. Calamity
Language: French(English Subtitle)
Category: IIA
Duration: 23 min
Director: Maxime Feyers, Séverine De Streyker
Story: * Asian Premiere
France meets her son’s girlfriend for the first time. She loses control…

2. Diane from the Moon
Language: English(No Subtitle)
Category: IIA
Duration: 11 min
Director: Hanna Ladoul, Macro La Via
Story: * Asian Premiere
Shortly after a hurtful breakup, Diane, a transgender pagan priestess, finds refuge in Palm Springs. While engaged with her own inner demons, an enigmatic sociopath starts to stalk her.

3. Out of Place
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English(Chinese, English Subtitle)
Category: IIA
Duration: 45 min
Director: Lydia Han
Story: Out of Place follows Hong Kong native Bobbie Huthart, who has lived a life as a successful businessman, playboy and father, as she travels to Thailand for sex-reassignment surgery and transitions to life as a woman. Intertwined with Bobbie’s journey is the story of Mr. C, a young trans man from Guizhou bringing China’s first transgender labour discrimination case to court. The film juxtaposes Bobbie and Mr. C’s divergent challenges and victories, and delves into the experiences of transgender people in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.
Release Date
Run Time
79 minutes
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