University of Laughs(HKAFF2023)
In 1940, the Japanese government forbids anything political or taboo from showing in the mass media. Young playwright Tsubaki found himself confronted by censorship officer Sakisaka, who has a thing against comedy. While Sakisaka keeps looking for excuses to repeatedly ban Tsubaki’s comedic script, Tsubaki has only one week’s time to rewrite it until Sakisaka’s twisted taste is fulfilled. Adapted from Japanese dramatist Koki Mitani’s play of the same title, the story presents in comedic fashion the conflict between bureaucracy, censorship and an artist's freedom of expression. Yakusho’s performance as the long-faced censor successfully delivered an awkward sense of humour. Presented on 35mm print.
Mamoru Hoshi
Koji Yakusho, Goro Inagaki
Release Date
Run Time
121 minutes
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