Until Rainbow Dawn(HKLGFF 2018)
* International Premiere
* Director and crew in attendance

Official Selection - Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Hana Takahashi (Eri Nagai) and Ayumi Hoshino (Haruka Kobayashi), both deaf girls, meet through a sign language group and they fall in love. Hana goes back to her parents and comes out about dating a girl, Ayumi. Her parents ask her to leave. Hana is shocked, lost and feels rejected. Ayumi decides to take Hana to an event in Tokyo, a gathering of deaf LGBTQ. Will Hana find like-minded people, will she open her heart and finally accept herself? Directed by Mika Imai who is also deaf, the film is told through sign language.

Additional Short Film: Bicultural
Language: English, Tagalog(In Parts)(English(In Parts) Subtitle)
Category: IIA
Duration: 15 mins
Director: Rachel Leyco
Cast: Rachel Leyco, Katie Lynn Stoddard, Topher Park
Story: Torn between the “perfect” daughter that her conservative traditional family believes her to be and the open-minded free spirit that she is, a second-generation Filipino-American must make a move to declare her identity.
Mika Imai
Eri Nagai, Haruka Kobayashi, Ren Kikukawa, Hiro Tamada, Nozomu, Rika Takagi
Release Date
Run Time
64 minutes
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