Voices of Finance‧Thin Skin(Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2017)
Voices of Finance

Director: Clara VAN GOOL(Voice of Finance)

The latest work by Clara VAN GOOL who is renowned in dance film work by directing DV8's Enter Achilles (1996).

Voices of Finance immerses us in the heart of the financial world: the City of London. A cast of top-performers, coming from Het Nationale Ballet and NDT in The Netherlands and Rambert Dance Company in the UK, as well as excellent independent creators, using both movement and dance, text and voice-over, embody and articulate the words of various players from the financial sector.

During 24 hours 10 solos guide us through the City, building up to a chain reaction within an extremely frantic, competitive, exhausting, insecure, glamorous, and stressful surrounding, where every day can be your last.

The monologues in the film are based on the 'banking blog' Voices of Finance by author and publicist Joris Luyendijk in the English newspaper The Guardian. They paint an extraordinary insight in the ‘banking elite’ and they are the inspiration and foundation for a film that expresses an urgent issue in an artistic and stylised form: the anxiety of bankers, their “Angst”, as a perfect matrix for choreography.

Thin Skin

Director: Manon LICHTVELD & Bas WESTERHOF (Thin Skin)

This film is an intimate portrait of Marco Goecke, one of the world’s leading choreographers, a glum man who admits that dance interests him more than life. There’s something refreshing about hearing a man tout Goecke’s own unique choreographic language — one that cannot be imitated. His dance is tough, masculine, sometimes violent, but also sensual and intimate, and requires great dedication from those performing it. Goecke’s dance conveys his true genius, and his unique vision that is expressed at every moment.
Release Date
English, German
Run Time
87 minutes
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