We Are Little Zombies
One sunny day, four young teens meet by chance at a crematorium. Hikari, Ikuko, Ishi and Takemura have all lost their parents at the same time. Hikari’s were in a car crash whilst on holiday. Ikuko’s were murdered by a deranged stalker. Ishi’s were in a gas explosion. Takemura’s killed themselves to escape the hell of debt. But none of them could shed a tear. They were like zombies, devoid of all emotion. Alone in the world with no future, no dreams or even the energy to move forward, our protagonists dress themselves in scraps from a garbage dump, turn their favorite items from their empty homes into musical instruments, and decide to form a kick-ass band.
They call themselves LITTLE ZOMBIES.
This is a story about their quest to retrieve their ability to feel.
And what they discover at the end of it.
Makoto Nagahisa
Keita Ninomiya, Satoshi Mizuno, Mondo Okumura, Sena Nakajima, Sosuke Ikematsu, Rinko Kikuchi, Masatoshi Nagase
Release Date
Run Time
120 minutes
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