When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Nine-year-old Anna is not sure who Hitler is. But when her own father goes missing one day, she comes to realize that the man on the posters is about to change the whole of Europe – starting with her own small life. She is forced to uproot her entire existence. Anna and her family hastily flee Germany, leaving even her favourite stuffed pink rabbit behind. From now on Anna encounters life in exile, not speaking the language, not knowing customs and manners, missing her friends and loved ones. Yet Anna grows up, finds new friends, and learns to take responsibility. So when her family has to move away yet again, she is certain she can do anything.
Caroline Link
Riva Krymalowski, Oliver Mascucci, Carla Juri
Release Date
German, French(In Parts), English(In Parts)
Run Time
119 minutes
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