When Love Comes(The Films Of Chang Tso-Chi)
16-year-old Lai-chun comes from a matriarchal family: her father was married into his wife’s family. Being the head of family, the wife allows her husband to take a second wife in order to continue the family bloodline. Lai-chun is the child of the second wife. Wanting to escape the family, her plan is thwarted when she is accidentally impregnated and abandoned by her boyfriend…… The film was nominated for a record-breaking of 14 awards at the Golden Horse Film Festival in 2010, which ended up received Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and the Audience Choice Awards.
Chang Tso-Chi
Lee Yi-Chieh, Kao Meng-Chieh, Lu Hsueh-Feng, Lin Yu-Shun, Ho Tzu-Hua
Release Date
Mandarin, Taiwanese
Run Time
108 minutes
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