Candle In The Wave(The 8th Human Rights Documentary Film Festival)
Directors: Kim Cheol-min(Standing in the Square)
Kim Jeong-geun(Cleaning)
Hwang Yun(Chicken at the Square)
Emmanuel Moonchil Park(Blue Butterfly)
Lee Chang-min(Shouts)
Kim Su-min(Who Said Youth is Beautiful)
Kim Sang-pai(A Thousand Winds)
Kangyu Ga-ram(Feminist State of Affairs)
Hong Hyung-sook(Flight of the Blue Whale)
Choi Jong-ho(One Step Closer)

In October 2016, after the South Korean press uncovered the corruption behind the Park Geun-hye presidency, 30,000 citizens organised a candlelight vigil outside Seoul City Hall, demanding the president resign from her post. As an increasing number of protestors gather, all of their tiny flames unify to become a radiant torch, forcing Park to face her charges in the Constitutional Court. Each of the 10 short films in Candle in the Wave represents a tiny flame amidst many others—a voice amongst a sea of voices—those whose homelands are threatened by the THAAD system; mourners for the victims of the Sewol-ho shipwreck; animal rights activists; women cleaners; and those who regret supporting the conservative party, vowing never to become passive outsiders again. We are living in turbulent times. Perhaps Candle in the Wave will light up our world, and perhaps, we can do the same by trying to make a difference, however small it may seem.
Release Date
Run Time
111 minutes
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