Ladies of Steel(EUFF 2021)
Finnish actor-turned-director Pamela Tola's second feature sees a pensioner blazing her trail across a wintry wonderland. After hitting her husband on the head with a frying pan, 75-year-old Inkeri flees with her two sisters Raili and Sylvi. The journey through Finland is filled with charming hitchhikers, memories, and sinful dancing. When Inkeri comes across her old university writings and finds Eino, a crush from her youth, she is reminded of her dreams that were later suppressed by marriage and the shackles that entailed. Inkeri has to make the biggest choice concerning the rest of her life, a choice between happiness and convention.
Pamela Tola
Leena Uotila, Seela Sella, Saara Pakkasvirta
Release Date
Run Time
91 minutes
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